New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We have been so busy this year and haven’t had a chance to update our website. We have been chipping away at this all year and it’s finally live for all to enjoy.

Cut Above Productions TV Commercial

After years of producing commercials for our clients, we decided it was time to produce one for ourselves. The Cut Above Productions commercial is 100% graphics based and promotes online video.

If you’re here because you’ve seen the commercial then it has obviously caught your attention, which means… it worked! If you want to find out more about how you can supercharge your website using video, contact us today to arrange a meeting.

Matt and Gabe’s Wedding Highlights Video

In late December 2012 Gabrielle and Matthew were married at Peregrines of Tabletop Mountain. Cut Above Productions were lucky enough to capture this couples special day.

The temperature was over 40 degrees, our cameras were overheating and our day started with an encounter with a brown snake. This being said, it was a great day in a great location with great people.

This is the highlights video we produced for them. Highlights videos are available as part of our platinum package or as an optional extra for any other package in our range. They are a great way to show family and friends the best parts of your day without having to show them the full version of the wedding video.

Themed Real Estate Videos

Our “themed” real estate videos have been named THE BEST REAL ESTATE VIDEOS OF ALL TIME by popular website Dominate the Internet

These videos have taken the real estate world by storm because they are so unique. In a city of just 60,000 people, their 3 themed videos have had almost 15,000 views. Not many businesses can say that they have reached that many people in such a short amount of time.

Online video… It works!